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Windella Farm is a boutique goat dairy in Cohuna, Victoria. We produce a range of natural, handmade goats milk soaps and other soap, bath, body & skincare products. Certified Australian Made, we promote ethical farming practices, no animal testing & a philosophy that 'natural is best'.



About Us

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Windella Farm was born during a  journey from the city to the country, a long weekend that turned into a permanent tree change, two crazy Gold Coaster's who introduced dairy goats into a traditional dairy region & the organic progression to an extensive range of soap & body products that is founded on the philosophy that 'natural is best'.



At Windella Farm we believe that 'natural is best!' Our ingredients are carefully researched & selected in order to harness the many health benefits that nature has to offer. We don't use any artificial additives.

Featured Product


Passionate about quality skincare & also beautiful ink, we have developed Tattoo Salvation After Ink Salve to heal fresh ink NATURALLY & to keep healed ink looking fresh. This product is also amazing as a night cream a few times a week & an intensive skin treatment for neglected, dull & dry skin



'For as far back as I can remember, I have suffered from the itchy scratchy, ‘take over my life’ eczema. To have any control of it soap had to go and so alternatives I had to find. I was extremely skeptical about trying Windella Farm’s goats milk soaps, lo and behold, no adverse reaction whatsoever. Thankfully after 20 years I have found the perfect soap. The rich creamy lather, delicious fragrances and long lasting bars also add to their allure. I have just ventured into attempting Windella Farm's other soaps and so far so good, it must be the pure and natural products that are used. Thank you!'

Annette Kelly - Kerang Victoria

Everybody loves our products!

Everybody loves our products!