Kakadu Natural Deodorant

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Kakadu Natural Deodorant


All natural deodorant free from harmful chemicals & aluminium. Scented with a blend of geranium, spearmint, tea tree & cedarwood essential oils. 60g.

Gently rub a pea sized amount into your armpits. See FAQ's below for further info.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, shea butter, bees wax, sweet almond oil, arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, baking soda, essential oils of geranium, spearmint, tea tree & cedarwood, vitamin E oil.

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Natural deodorant sounds great, what's in it? 
Our ALL NATURAL deodorant contains quality plant-based oils & beeswax to nourish this sensitive part of your body, a blend of kaolin clay, tapioca flour & baking soda designed to target & neutralise odour & three custom blends of essential oils specifically selected for their antibacterial & odor fighting properties & to keep you smelling great. Our deodorant contains NO harmful chemicals, aluminium products, alcohol or sweat blockers. 

You mean I have to apply it with my fingers? 
This might sound strange at first, but it's no different to applying moisturiser after a shower. You will be amazed at how silky smooth & soft your armpits feel from this extra bit of lovin'. 

I'm sensitive to baking soda in skincare products...
Baking soda is the active odour fighting ingredient in our deodorant & most people don't experience any issues with it in skin care products. However, when shaving it is a good idea to shave the night before to give your skin a chance to heal before applying deodorant. If you have very sensitive skin you might find that baking soda irritates your skin. If you experience any irritation, please discontinue use immediately.