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‘My lovely package of goodies arrived today and my car smelt wonderful when I unpacked it, couldn't wait to get home to open it. A couple of hours later and I have used your deodorant for the first time - smells lovely, doesn't stain or sting - and is actually good for your skin. THANKS! PS: my dog is going to smell beautiful tomorrow!! ’

Sharon Van De Zand - Victoria


‘Just wanted to say how thrilled I am with my new deodorant! I love the soaps as well and am working my way through all the lovely scents! My New Year's Resolution is to do all in my power to combat the chemicals and toxins we are exposed to. We cannot do anything about the 80,000 chemicals we are exposed to or the fact that most are not tested to be safe, but we CAN make healthy choices and we have control over what we put on our skins and use in our homes! Looking forward to your shampoo and Molly is looking forward to your dog wash. Thank you for what you are doing to create a healthier environment !! Love your products’

Sharlene Crage - Dingee Victoria


‘I have been using my deodorant for a few weeks now and I love it, it smells amazing and it's soft on my skin. Awesome product! I also love visiting and smelling all the amazing soaps and things that you make’

Xavier Goulding - Cohuna Victoria


‘My husband and I have been using and loving a variety of Windella Farm products for a few months now. I have always had a sensitive face and prone to break outs so have tried all manner of cleansing products from supermarket shelf to beauty salon products and paid hundreds of dollars for them; Windella cleansing soap has been brilliant with the added bonus of no chemicals on my skin. The lip balm has also been a great purchase that we both use. I gave Windella soap and bath salts to my mum as a gift and she remarked how nice the bath salts were in a hot bath after a long day.’

Julia Mabilia - Cohuna Victoria


‘Just wanted to say LOVE YOUR STUFF!! I bought your shampoo soap at the Cohuna market and it is fantastic, I believe you said your other half said it wouldn't sell or something along those lines - well I would love to buy some more!!!! When I went to the hairdresser yesterday she said that my hair had never been in better condition and what was I doing to it? Went grey early in life and it is usually unruly - bit like steel wool really :) But when I use the totally gorgeous shampoo soap - IT WORKS MIRACLES. Merry Xmas from a very happy customer!!’

Sharon Van De Zand - Victoria


‘Both my daughter and I love your product have tried nearly all of them trying the dog soap now would highly recommend these products to everyone’

Joanna Kilby - Cohuna Victoria


‘I love the shampoo soap! My hair has never felt better. Thank you for showing me your amazing products’

Sarah Cameron - Kerang Victoria


‘I love the gentleness of your soap, but also enjoy the texture that you introduce in some of your range. My skin changes so much so when my skin is dry, I like the feel of the exfoliants to help remove dead skin. The fragrances throughout the range are pleasant with the scent of pure essential oils. My all time favourite is Lime in the Coconut. I recommend your soaps to anyone that loves natural products.’

Kylie Lyons - Cohuna Victoria


‘Wow... your soaps are beautiful and unique. I have recommended and gifted them to all my family and friends that love pampering themselves on high quality soaps made with love. Well done.’

Tanya Black - Cohuna Victoria


‘I first saw the gorgeous soaps made by Windella Farm on Facebook a few months ago.  At the time, I thought they looked like delicious slices of cake, and being a big fan of natural products I just had to try them!

To say that these hand-crafted soaps are good would be an understatement.  They are so beautifully presented and are all made from gorgeous natural ingredients.  They look, smell and feel absolutely divine.

Interestingly, I also found that by putting a couple of bars of the Windella Farm Mint Slice soap next to my computer, I was able to alleviate the headaches I had been suffering from whilst working!

These soaps are just amazing and I would encourage everyone to try them.  Thank you for making such lovely products available to us.’

Krista Cameron - Kerang Victoria


'After using the range of Windella Farm soaps, our family of 6 simply can't return to standard supermarket soaps! They are luxurious, smell divine & best of all they are gentle on sensitive skin including our 1 year old. The hardest decision is which flavour soap do we try next as the whole range is amazing, and as an added bonus they leave the house smelling great. My 13 year old daughter & I also love the lip balms & look forward to trying more in the range this summer. We have found it doesn't dry our lips like other brands & gently moisturises without being sticky. Using Windella Farm products, it isn't hard to tell that only quality oils & ingredients have been used & we look forward to our little treat of luxury every morning. Thank you for creating this beautiful range with such passion & dedication, we are hooked & look forward to enjoying your delicious range for years to come.'

Nicole Gray - Cohuna Victoria

'For as far back as I can remember, I have suffered from the itchy scratchy, ‘take over my life’ eczema. To have any control of it soap had to go and so alternatives I had to find. I was extremely skeptical about trying Windella Farm’s goats milk soaps, lo and behold, no adverse reaction whatsoever. Thankfully after 20 years I have found the perfect soap. The rich creamy lather, delicious fragrances and long lasting bars also add to their allure. I have just ventured into attempting Windella Farms other soaps and so far so good, it must be the pure and natural products that are used. Thankyou!'

Annette Kelly - Kerang Victoria